Suffolk Constabulary are Protecting a Criminal Gang Responsible for Burglaries in Lowestoft

In the Lowestoft Journal of 24 December 2009 there is an interview with Suffolk chief constable Simon Ash. He stated that his force was “toiling tirelessly to catch the burglars bringing misery to families in Lowestoft and Waveney”. What Hypocrisy!

Officers of the Lowestoft Police station have:

For the last 6+ years I have been living a nightmare: Everything I thought I knew about the way the system was supposed to work has been turned upside down. It is like living in an episode of the Twilight Zone.

While I was working overseas a criminal gang subjected my family home in Lowestoft to extremes of criminal damage, and stole the entire contents of my house. Yes, my home was completely cleared, left empty! Some examples of the criminal damage were:

This gang helped themselves to all of my possessions. They either destroyed these items, kept items for themselves and the items are still in their homes, or they sold the items keeping the proceeds for themselves. Some examples: My Bang and Olufson colour television set and my book case are clearly visible in the front room of one of the gang members' houses when observed from the public pavement. I filed a criminal complaint with the Lowestoft Police. PC Mackay said that she would go to his house, arrest him, and get my TV set back. But shortly thereafter she told me that she had talked to him, and that he “was a nice chap”, and that I could not have my TV set back after all. I went to the thief's house myself and demanded that he return my TV. PC Brown then threatened me with arrest if I ever contacted the thief again, in person or by phone; In other words the Lowestoft Police were intimidating the victim and protecting this criminal gang. Years later, in response to an IPCC investigation PC Mackay denied these facts. She was proven to be a liar by an audio recording of her messages to me. She then tried to distort the time-line in a pathetic attempt to cover for her earlier actions, and was exposed in yet further lies by the same recording. The thieves fenced some of my possessions at Durrants Auction Rooms in Beccles. There is a clear paper trail that proves this. Many of these items were unique; they could only have come from my home. Mr. Nicholas Rudge, the manager at Durrants, gave the Police evidence that proved what was sold, but the Police looked for ways to suppress this evidence. One item was a set of Corgi/Dinky die-cast model toys. The thief, Mr. Brian Allan, sold a set of such toys in the same month that my toys were stolen from my home. He was known to have spent many months alone and unsupervised in my home. He had access, motive, and he sold a set of toys that matched those stolen from me for £1800. He told DC Hogan of the Lowestoft Police that the toys he sold were the childhood toys of himself, and his (conveniently deceased) brother. I gave DC Hogan a detailed itemized list of my toys, including descriptions of unique damage to some of them. How could I have known such detailed information about the thief's childhood toys? I asked DC Hogan to show this list to the buyer, and ask if the models on my list substantially matched those bought at auction. This would of course prove the source of the toys was my home. DC Hogan stated that she could not do this as the buyer was unknown. Years later I discovered that all buyers at UK auctions are required by law to provide proper identification before they will be allowed to buy anything. I verified this fact with Sothebys, Christies, and Bonhams. I even attempted to buy at auction from Bonhams without ID in order to test the system; they stopped me from buying. Thus it is certain that the buyer was known. I filed an IPCC complaint that DC Hogan had lied to me and deliberately suppressed this evidence. She responded that she had not lied because although Nicholas Rudge of Durrants was happy to tell her the identity of the buyer, she chose not to ask. Thus she did not know the buyer, and so had not lied. Indeed this has become a recurring theme: DC Hogan is given the evidence, she chooses not to look at it, therefore she is not lying when she claims that she had not seen the evidence. Another item stolen was a model of a marine steam engine made by my grandfather. He made many model steam engines during his lifetime. Upon his death, all but one were lost. My mother fought so hard from her death bed while in agony and dying of cancer to save that one remaining model. 20 years later, this criminal gang stole this engine. It was sold at Durrants Auction Rooms in Beccles in about Autumn 2004 for £540. It was accompanied by a photo of the engine posed with my mother and grandfather. The thieves told Durrants Auction Rooms and DC Hogan that I had consented to them taking that engine. There is no way I would allow even my best friend to have that engine, and certainly not this criminal gang. But DC Hogan claims that she believes their story.

On numerous occasions I tried to file criminal complaints against members of this gang, but the Lowestoft Police refused to even take a report. Years later, in response to an IPCC investigation, DI Skuse criticized me for not filing criminal complaints against this gang. When it was pointed out to him that I still wished to file the complaints now, and that the matter was still “in time”, he found other ridiculous excuses not to accept a crime report now. It is blatantly obvious from DI Skuse's response that he is deliberately and wilfully protecting this criminal gang.

But worst of all is my collection of photos from my childhood, and audio tapes of my parent's voices, made for me to have as a adult. These were taken by this criminal gang, and destroyed. They taunt me: As I cry out in agony, beg to have my photos back, offer to buy back my photos for large sums of money in ransom. They tell me that I am having a tantrum. They tell me that they will take my photos and tapes to the dump, or burn them. It is like they are destroying the last remaining memories I have of my childhood or my parents. I just can't take this pain. They have destroyed or sold so many other items of immense emotional attachment: My mother's diamond engagement ring, my school exercise books, craft items I made in junior school and high school.

The Police undermined my authority in my own home and over my own possessions. The criminal gang refused to stay out of my house, stating that the Police said they could enter my house whenever they wanted, and take whatever they wanted. When I tried to force them to leave they ordered their large German Shepard dog to attack me. That is armed robbery in my own home, and assault with a deadly weapon. But the Police told me that it is a civil matter, and they would not intervene. When I complained to the Police about the criminal damage to my home they also said that it was a civil matter. Then, at 3am, they raided my hotel room at the Hatfield Hotel in Lowestoft where I had been forced to stay as I was thrown out of my own home. They arrested me because this gang had told the Police that I slashed their car tyres. The Police thoroughly searched my room and luggage, even pulled the mattress on to the floor and searched it. What for I don't know: What would tyre slashing look like if they found it in my room? Then they locked me in a cell at the Police station until the following afternoon. The 3am raid was designed to cause maximum disorientation. It was a roust. But the Police will not arrest or search the thief's homes because there is insufficient evidence to do so. My property clearly visible in their homes is insufficient evidence. Their fencing of my property at Durrants is insufficient evidence. The difference in the way the Police me, the victim, and the way they treat this criminal gang, is dramatic. An unsubstantiated complaint from this gang gets me hauled out of bed at 3am and thrown in a Police cell. Rigorous evidence of theft and criminal damage when I am the victim results in the Police telling me that it is a civil matter, and that if I continue to complain I will be arrested for harassment. Indeed, DI Skuse and DS Bridgland of the Lowestoft Police station have stated in writing that my property being visible in the thief's homes is not evidence of theft. Well, I did not go to law school, but it seems to me that if they have my property, and I clearly tell them and the Police that I do not consent to them having it, and they refuse to return it, then that is evidence of dishonesty and intent to permanently deprive. But when I am the victim it is a civil matter. However, if I demand my property back, or tell this gang to stay out of my house, either in person or by phone, it is a criminal offence, and I will be arrested for harassment.

This gang then moved into my home. When the Police refused to evict them, and made it clear to me that I would suffer a very long prison sentence if I used force to evict them, I had no choice but to sell my home. It broke my heart to do so, but I had just lost a large parcel of land in South Wales to adverse possession, and I knew that my only choices were either to sell my home, or lose both my home and its' financial value. I spent so much money on solicitors for legal help, but they just took my money then failed to help. As a parting gesture this gang urinated and defecated throughout my home, and did so much structural damage to my house that the entire house had to be demolished and rebuilt from scratch. What was the Police reaction to that: It is a civil matter. By this time I just didn't know how society worked anymore: They had so messed with my head that I thought I was the bad guy. I am locked up in a Police cell, while the criminals who have taken all my possessions, my home, everything I worked for all my life, are free to enjoy the spoils of their crimes.

I am suffering misery. I am suffering such mental agony that I want my life to end. How can I find the words to express my pain: I would rather pour petrol over my own body and strike a match, to be burned alive, rather than suffer the pain that I am in now. But Simon Ash gets to brag to the media about what a wonderful job he has done to prevent the misery of burglary. If there were any justice in this world, not only would this criminal gang be serving long prison sentences, but so also would his officers.

Update: I asked my MP, Bob Blizzard for help: His response was that I should file another IPCC appeal, and go around the whole pointless loop yet again, for yet another year. He also suggested that I should hire yet another solicitor, even though he knows I have hired four separate firms of solicitors, and a barrister, at a cost of over £50,000. No doubt he too hoped that if he stalled long enough the statute of limitations would expire, or the victim would stop complaining and crawl into a hole and die. I was frankly shocked at his callous and uncaring response. Clearly Mr. Blizzard MP does not care about helping his constituents in dire distress. I hope my readers will take this into account at the upcoming general election. He is all sweetness and light when asking for our votes. But if one asks for his help, he abandons us in our hour of greatest need.

Further Update: Here we go again: The Lowestoft Police have been engineering media attention yet again: In the Eastern Daily Press of 23 April 2010 the Lowestoft Police are once again claiming that they act against burglary. To quote from that article: “The officers from Ipswich, Bury and Suffolk Coastal joined forces to speak to homeowners in the Corton Road area as part of an ongoing campaign to try to reduce the number of homes being burgled.” More Hypocrisy!

And in an article posted to the "The Missing List" website on 6 April 2010, the following named police officers are making phony appeals for information regarding burglaries of garages and sheds in Lowestoft: So, why don't you arrest Brian and Patricia Allan, Helen Hermione Pike, Elizabeth Anne Pike, Francis Arnold Hampson, et al, for the burglaries of my garage and shed in Yarmouth Road, Lowestoft? If only they had stopped at the garage and shed. But no, they went on to loot my entire house. And after taking everything of value, they then destroyed whatever remained for the sole purpose of inflicting pain upon the victim. What about evidence you ask? Well how about the statement of Mr. Nicholas Rudge of Durrants Auction Rooms, where my property was fenced. Unique property that could not possibly have come from any other source than my home. And what about the fact that some larger items can clearly be seen in the offender's front rooms when observed from the public pavement? And what about intent to permanently deprive? Well they sold my property and kept the proceeds for themselves. Seems pretty cut and dry to me. Why are you protecting this criminal gang? Are they bribing you? Do you really believe Brian Allan's story that his son was a Police officer who died while on duty? It is so easy to rebut his story at the National Police Memorial. So even you can't be fooled by that story. And why do you protect prominent local businesses that you well know are involved in this situation. Do you get a cut back from the proceeds of these burglaries? So, why are you protecting this criminal gang, whilst simultaneously harrassing the victim, and lying to the public about your concern for protecting them from burglary? Or is it just so much easier to arrest the victim of burglary for harrassment if they do something as blatantly criminal as knock on the front door of gang members and demand the return of their own property.

And to Chief Inspector Paul Sharp, the Waveney District Commander, I would like to put the following question: What exactly do you mean by "draw a line under it"? Does that mean that I should just smile sweetly and walk away from everything my family has worked for all our lives. Forget that all my photos of my parents and my childhood are gone, destroyed out of spite by by your gang? As the years go by and my memories fade, and I cannot look back over the photos that my family carefully took and stored safely for my twilight years, and to pass on to future generations. I should just forget that? I should not inconvenience you by suggesting that you actually do your duty? I have asked you before why you don't put a Glock to my skull and pull the trigger. Why not answer that question now? When you fatally wound an animal you have a duty to kill it, to put it out of its' misery. Why not put me out of my misery now?

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