While I was working overseas my home in Lowestoft was destroyed. All my possessions were either destroyed, sold with a clear paper trail that identifies the perpetrators, or are still in the possession of the criminals themselves. The Lowestoft Police are well aware of the identities of these criminals, and of the facts of this situation. There is rigorous evidence of these crimes.

So, what would one expect to happen next? Most people would just take it for granted that the members of this criminal gang would be arrested, charged, convicted, imprisoned, and the property recovered and returned to the rightful owner. But one would be wrong. The Lowestoft Police actively help this criminal gang! They arrest me, the victim, repeatedly. I am hauled out of bed in a 3am raid. I am arrested at Heathrow Airport. There is an "All Ports Watch" placed on me to prevent me from leaving the country. So, what is the horrendous crime that I am accused of? Objecting to my home and possessions being taken from me and destroyed!

Indeed, the 3am raid was a direct retaliation for filing a criminal report at the Lowestoft Police Station. Because the Police had refused to accept crime reports against this gang for years, I took a solicitor with me to the Police Station so that they could not so easily refuse to take a report. Later that same night they roust me. A clear and obvious causal link. It was an attempt at intimidation: A message that if I dare to make a complaint against their gang I will suffer consequences. And what was the excuse for my arrest? A member of their gang had made an unsubstantiated complaint that I had slashed his tyres. I did not do so, but even if I had it would have been utterly trivial in relation to the horrendous damage that he had done to my home.

Over the years I have tried every lawful means of addressing this situation that I can think of. I have complained to the Suffolk Constabulary Professional Standards Department, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, the courts. All to no avail. I have spent over 50,000 on Solicitors and Barristers, and achieved no useful result. The Police have lied to me quite blatantly. They have lied to their own Professional Standards organization, who in turn deny that they were lied to. The IPCC tells them to do a "local resolution", which in plain terms is ordering them to investigate themselves. The situation is surreal: They deny saying things even when faced with very clear audio recordings in which their own voices can be clearly heard saying precisely what they deny saying. They have no shame in lying, even when they know that their audience knows that they are lying. It is all a big game to them. They have suppressed evidence. They deny seeing evidence that was given to them. When it is proven that the evidence was given to them, they say that they chose not to look at it, and that therefore they had not lied when they denied seeing the evidence.

Recently our new Conservative MP, Mr. Peter Aldous, arranged a series of communications between myself and Chief Inspector Paul Sharp, the Waveney District Commander. He asked me to send him information and evidence. I did so, in large quantities. His response was that his officers had seen it before, nothing was new, so there would be no re-opening of the case. When I asked Mr. Sharp what was his objection to some specific points of evidence, he refused to be drawn into such a conversation. He just kept repeating that his officers had seen all the evidence before and so they would not re-open the case. This answer is evasive: It is a refusal to tell me what deficiencies, if any, they find in my evidence. If they had any genuine belief that my evidence was defective why not just tell me why? Someone who believes in there own position is usually enthusiastic to tell others their arguments. When someone refuses to discuss the evidence it tells me that they are not only wrong, but they know they are wrong. Then the final parting remark: Chief Inspector Sharp tells me that I should "draw a line under it". That means forget about it, walk away from everything my family have worked for all our lives. Just smile sweetly and don't interfere while this criminal gang takes all my possessions. Not just possessions of financial value, but those of immense emotional attachment and no intrinsic value. Items for which the only motive for taking them is spite, the deliberate intention of inflicting psychological torture. I must just allow this gang to take my house for their own use. If I try to stop them I will be arrested and charged with countless engineered crimes.

I am sick of being treated like the bad guy in this situation. I am sick of being intimidated by the Police. I AM THE VICTIM. I will tell the world what was done to me. I will name those responsible. I will provide the evidence as available. I will not allow the bullys to get inside my head and tell me that I am in the wrong. The Police and the criminal gang that they protect are the offenders. Not me. This website is a work in progress. If any gang members think that just because you have not been named yet you are safe, then you are dreaming. In due time you will all be named here. And if the cowardly Lowestoft Police are planning to charge me with harassment for naming my tormentors, then fuck you.

Many prominent local businesses are involved in the handling and processing of stolen property in the Lowestoft area. Some of those involved are named here, many more will be added to this list as evidence becomes available: Some of thee businesses might be innocent, merely used by this criminal gang. But others are very definitely aware of the fact that they are handling stolen property. The proof of this is that they continue to process property for this gang after the victim has informed them that the property is stolen.


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